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Ensure your job is complete correctly when you work with us for construction management in New Britain, Connecticut. At The Millennium Group, we proudly feature construction project management for clients statewide.

Why Use Construction Project Management?

Millennium Construction Services LLC is not a subcontractor promoting our own product or labor. In fact, The Millennium Group promotes and protects the owner’s goals. As construction managers, we centralize the controls and administration of the project team. The Millennium Group carefully monitors and reports on budgets, keeps a careful eye on schedules and ensures that designers and builders are on track with the owner’s stated objectives. We understand the overall process of design and building for construction services.

The Millennium Group’s construction managers are team players and team leaders, working with the designers and contractors to facilitate their work as opposed to interfering with them. In the planning stages of a project, we are able to contribute to feasibility studies and budget projections, set criteria for building and propose working models and schedules. Architectural and engineering plans are also examined by us to identify potential problems and conflicts. In the bidding phase, The Millennium Group rates potential bidders and tailors contract offers to the benefit of the owner. In the construction phase, our construction management professionals work onsite to ensure coordination of the project team, acting as a troubleshooter and problem solver.

The Millennium Group’s construction managers inspect the project for quality and progress, negotiate change orders with contractors, approve payment requisitions and the like, and may ensure that safety standards are followed, or labor conflicts smoothed over. One of the main benefits of our construction management approach is that it lends itself to “fast-track” or phased construction. Fast track is a method whereby the stages of design and building are overlapped to reduce time and cost. Fast track can actually shrink budgets, but this takes a great deal of careful planning and coordination of the entire construction process, which is, in effect, our specialty as the construction management team.

In summary, Millennium Construction Services, LLC is the owner’s advocate, representing the owner and promoting the owner’s interests: budget, schedule, design/quality standards, and often times, financing. The Millennium Group typically works for a fixed percentage, is completely impartial, and has no other vested financial interests in the project. Additionally, THE MILLENNIUM GROUP can reduce overall project costs. Detailed budgeting, an analysis of alternative construction methods, the elimination of the General Contractor’s overhead and profit, and the passing on of all directly to the Owner typically generate project cost reductions that exceed our construction management fee.

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