Portability in Fairfield

In the HCV program, “Portability” signifies the procedure by which a family can transfer or “port” their rental subsidy when relocating to an area outside the jurisdiction of the public housing agency (PHA) that initially provided them with the voucher upon program selection.


Portability FAQs

I’m interested in porting to Fairfield, what are my next steps?

Your first step would be to inform your current PHA that you are interested in porting your voucher to Town of Fairfield.  Once you have completed the steps from your current PHA, they will send us a portability packet which allows to begin working with you.  Upon receipt of the completed Fairfield Housing Authority’s portability packet, we will issue you a 60-day voucher in the bedroom size that best applies to your family according to our Administrative Plan, and let you know the current payment standards.  You will take your voucher to the town of Fairfield between the zip codes of 06824, 06825, and 06890 and look for a unit that works within the budget given to you.

Do I have to fill out any paperwork for the Fairfield Housing Authority?

Yes, the Fairfield Housing Authority will send you a Portability packet along with your voucher to complete and return to the FHA so that we may gather the most recent income and asset information.  Along with the packet, you will need to submit any documentation relating to income and assets for all adult members of the household.  Our policy states we need to collect 4 consecutive paystubs for any employment, a current unemployment printout, pension statement, and/or any Social Security letters if this is your first time leasing up in the program.  For assets we need to collect 3 consecutive months for each checking account, 1 current month for each savings, and quarterly statements from any investment, stock, CD or retirement accounts.  If you are elderly (over 62) or disabled, you may include documentation medical expenses you pay out of pocket.  If you pay childcare for a child under 13, living in your household that allows you to go to work or go to school, you may include receipts from childcare payments.  Please also supply Birth Certificates and Social Security cards for each household member and photo IDs of anyone over 18.

I found an apartment in Fairfield that I’m interested in, now what do I do?

When you find a place that may suit you and your household, you will ask the landlord to fill out a landlord packet provided to you from the FHA.  Make sure the landlord fills out the Request for Tenancy Approval form completely with the address, rent amount, and tenant-paid utilities clearly listed, and both parties have signed the second page of the RTA in agreeance to the terms.  Once completed you or the landlord will turn it into the Fairfield Housing Authority to approve.

I’ve completed my paperwork and turned in an RTA, do I have to do anything else right now?

No, now the Fairfield Housing Authority will calculate your income and assets based on the paperwork you supplied and apply the terms of the RTA to the family within the payment standards to determine affordability.  If the Tenant portion remains under 40% of the household’s income, then we can approve the unit and send to inspection.  Once the unit has passed the inspection then we move forward to choosing a lease start date and completing the Housing Assistance Contracts.

All Portability documents may be sent to the following, email is preferred:

Fairfield Housing Authority
15 Pine Tree Lane
Fairfield, CT 06825